There’s just something that makes a beach special. Yes, crystal clear waters, fun activities, and amazing food all definitely help (and are expected on any beach calling itself great), but what’s that little extra thing that takes a good beach to the next level of being great?

Really, that’s hard to say and a topic many travelers are happy to argue over, and you almost certainly will have an opinion of your own on what really takes a good beach to that next level. Whatever the qualifiers, however, it’s hard to argue against Maiden Cay. Not only is Maiden Kay a great beach but it’s one of the best in all of Kingston. While the capital city isn’t known for having as many truly “resort quality” beaches (whatever that means) there are some great ones around and Maiden Cay is quite easily the most likely to exceed your expectations.

Enjoying Maiden Cay means getting to the small island off the coast of Port Royal. An off-shore beach, the island itself is off the coastline and it’s basically all shore, all coastline. That means plenty of beach everywhere you step. There are plenty of boats that will take you there for a small fee (and arrange a time for pickup). At only ten minutes’ journey away, you’ll have no problem getting there and often find yourself with plenty of space even among the other beach goers.

Aside from an interesting and adventurous star, what else does Maiden Cay have to offer?

All the normal beach activities are available there. Want to play beach volleyball? No problem – and there will be plenty of others there willing to join in. Want to pitch a beach tent and enjoy some quality time with the family? That’s easy to do. Are you the type who loves to meditate quietly a bit away from everyone else and spend time with your thoughts and your journal? There’s plenty of beautiful beach space that’s perfect for doing just that!

In other words, the choice is yours. For individuals who are adventurous and social, the Sunday Beach Party tour is a great option that heads out to Maiden Cay and is offered by Loose Canon Tours. You and others dine, party, and celebrate on a catamaran. This is a boat and beach experience that comes with a friendly staff, a boat DJ, and provides a favorite “young beach experience” for the right type of traveler who really digs that sort of thing.

The size of Maiden Cay isn’t overwhelming but it offers plenty of space and plenty of options. Whether a lone wolf and someone who craves experiencing beauty solo or enjoying a truly amazing party experience in a beautiful place, there are options at Maiden Cay beach area. In fact, the two are not mutually exclusive and even as the party is going on in one area, it’s easy enough to find a small area that is quiet and private elsewhere.

If you want to hit the beach by Kingston, give Maiden Cay a serious chance!